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Acupuncture & Back Pain by Kevin Dai L.Ac. O.M.D.

A new answer for your Back Pain
Do you know that there are as many as 85% of all Americans who will be disabled by back pain at some point in their lives? Fortunately, more and more patients have noticed a safe, effective and proven treatment method now------Acupuncture !

Oriental Medical Method:

To control the muscle spasm, stop pain, heal the injured nerves, unblock the meridians , and improve blood circulation.

Chinese Medical Massage--
To change the structure and pathological circumstances of the affected tissue, regulate and restore the tendon and eliminate the edema.

To build up the function of the kidney and the spleen in order to strengthen the low back muscle , assist the speed healing, and prevent the intervertebral disk problem .

Some patients rely on the pain-killing drugs, when they are in pain . However drugs
only mask the pain, but not cure the inside problems. Some patients complain that they
have seen the chiropractic for long time without obvious progress . Some patients have
even been told that they need back surgery . Please take a closer look at your options.
Many our patients have felt a great progress after several treatments , and some of them
corrected their back problems without surgery.

The results of a recent study published in the Clinical Journal of Pain provide further proof that
acupuncture is a safe and effective procedure for low -back pain, and that it can mainta in positive outcomes for periods of six months or longer without producing the negative side-effects that often accompany more traditional pain remedies.

Why the pain shouldn’t be ingored

The key to understand your back is to understand your spine. Your spine plays an important role inyour body’s health. Not only is it involed in every move you make, it also houses your body’s lifeline-your spinal cord.

Your spinal cord extends vertically through the length of your spinal through an opening in each one of your vertebrae. Your centeral nervous system, made up of your brain and spinal cord, generates electrical impulses that control and coordinate every cell, tissue, and system in your body.

Your nervous system interacts closely with your musculoskeletal system. A spinal misalignment is called a “subluxation.” Subluxation cause electrial impulses traveling along your nervous system to be slowed, lost, or confused. Muscle spasms, prolonged periods of pain, delayed recovery from injury, as well as increased chances of permanent damage and degeneration can result.

Helpful Hints for back pain :

* Adjust your desk and chair in a comfortable height
* Try sleeping on your back with a pillow under your knees, or sleep on your side with a pillow between your knees and your knees bent
* Wear comfortable, low- heeled shoes
* Avoid sitting for long periods. Get up and move around every 30 or 60 minutes.
* Don't stretch legs straight out when sitting or standing. And avoid stretching altogether as an exercise.

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