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Story 1- liver disease

Even though I tried to live a healthy lifestyle by exercising 5 times a week, watch what I ate, slept close 8 hours a night, I had liver problems. Since November of 1999 I have been seeing various doctors about elevated liver enzymes that were identified during a routine blood test. Since the original test, my enzyme levels fluctuated but were always higher than the normal range, one year my level was 66% higher than the highest range for the test-This is danderous. I saw a liver specialist at Stanford for over 1 year, and they finally raised their hands because they could not find a solution. They ultimately blamed the elevated levels on my ethnicity.

Last October 2007, I came to Keivn's office to see if he could help me address my liver issue as well as seasonal allergies I have been suffering from since I moved to US. They started me on a treatment focused on balancing me internally and building-up my battered immune system. After a few weeks I began feeling much better, the 2nd assessment showed my energy levels increasing and my body in more balance. Last week Jaunary 2008, I took my annual blood test at the doctor's and my liver enzyme levels are in the normal range for the first time in 9 years! In one of the test my level dropped 45% from the previous year's test and in another 20%.

Thank you, thank you to Kevin for balancing my body and building it up so that it would naturally heal itself.

-- M. C.




"Every winter without fail I had sinus infections in the winter (which were always treated with antibiotics), and allergies in the summer. The first winter I got acupuncture treatments and herbs was my first winter in 18 years I had NO SINUS INFECTION OR HEADACHE. The allergies that next summer were non existent.

I learned some things I could do for my self, common sense things, like keeping my head warm, stopping cold fluids and cold food. I also had had chronic constipation since my teens. I would go for three five days without a movement. This had become a way of life for me, and I figured this was just what was normal for me. I tried a series of different herbs to until we hit the right one, which have been the only thing that has regulated me daily. Thanks Shasta"



There are no words that can describe how much you have helped me regain my self esteem and image back from being asleep for years. For the first time in quite a few years I have been able to work in the back yard and not have my allergies act up!! For a long time I have had bouts of asthma which now I have had very little with the herbs and treatments you have given me. One thing that really gets to me now is when I hear people complaining about different ailments I have to stop myself from telling them that it can be helped with acupuncture. When I first came in I was overloaded with alcohol, caffeine, prescription drugs and sugar. I weighed about 160 pounds, had hot flashes, lots of gas and bloating, had a persistent cough from smoking for 20 years, muscles cramps, finger joint pain, anxiety, palpitations, back pain, felt cold, was dry and thirsty, itchy painful red eyes, lots of food cravings, stress, and severe hay fever and asthma . I'm off the coffee, sugar, cut way back on my prescriptions and most all of these symptoms have subsided and/or disappeared. I've lost between 17 and 20 pounds which has been stabilized for three months now!! This was a six month treatment program. Seven months after starting acupuncture during a treatment I felt a strong electrical sensation around my ear and woke up two days later with MY HEARING BACK!! I initially came in to treat my menier's disease (which I've had since I was 7), and wasn't sure if acupuncture would help, but I've taken out my hearing aid and have my hearing back.

I am very excited and grateful for Chinese Medicine and even though I don't understand it all of the time, I still have gotten great results and feelings from it.



Bell's Palsy

"After rushing to the emergency room and being diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy (facial paralysis), I called Kevin. After only one session, I felt immediate “movement” throughout my face – a huge relief to me (as anyone who has had Bell’s Palsy would be able to attest!).  I continued to see him for a number of other sessions to treat the problem.  During the course of treatment, he not only healed me using acupuncture, but also provided excellent practical tips for daily living, recommended food suggestions, and vitamin/supplement ideas to address the Bell’s Palsy and other health issues that I faced. I am grateful for Kevin ’s expertise, compassion, and wisdom."

--J. D.

Success case of Treating Bed-Wetting


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